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To go with my earlier post, bottoms to fit under top-only dresses, I made some tops to fit under bottom-only dresses. Some of them are recolors of tops from other sites, and some are nightgowns and dresses that I edited to be little camisoles, and one of them came from a set of underwear.


silas is wearing 'tank2' in orange. it's a recolor of a top from fashion twist, requested by liz.)


svetlana is wearing 'tank5' in lilac. this is a camisole made from a nightgown by juttaponath.)


nsia is wearing 'tank3' in white. this top is taken from a set of underwear by juttaponath.)


roslyn is wearing 'tank6' in yellow, another camisole made from a nightgown by juttaponath. the dress is one i will be uploading soon, so consider it a sneak peek if you download roslyn.)


vasanta is wearing 'tank4' in black, another edited nightgown by juttaponath. she's wearing another sneak preview dress that will be uploaded soon.)


kieron is wearing 'tank1' in yellow-green. this one is a simple recolor of a different top by fashion twist.)


(words & gesticulations.)

(words & gesticulations - tank1.)

(words & gesticulations - tank2.)

(words & gesticulations - tank3.)

(words & gesticulations - tank4.)

(words & gesticulations - tank5.)

(words & gesticulations - tank6.)

(In other news, it's my birthday tomorrow! I wanted to make sure I got something posted for my birthday, so you all can celebrate with me. I hope everyone has a most excellent day.)
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