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Remember, two weeks (ish) ago, when I taunted you with unreleased dresses? And said I would post them soon? This is soon, right? I feel a little bit bad... but I've been so fucking busy, I've barely had time to think.

But I'm currently working on in-game previews of some new dresses and things, so I figured I had better get this post up.

Anyways, here are two more set of dresses. One set are dresses by Bliss (who no longer seems to exist) as bottom-only skirts, and are barely edited at all, other than recolors. The other set are by Azaya, and I've edited them a bit more, to be sleeveless and more low-cut. You should go download the originals, too, because they are absolutely fantastical.

Both dresses are categorized as skirts, so you can layer tops either on top or underneath them. Good times!


thora is wearing 'swing open your chest' in red and tank3 in blue.)


esme is wearing 'and let it in' in diamond and a shirt by aikea.)


sanaa is wearing 'and let it in' in bronze and a lace top by coldfire.)


kalea is wearing 'swing open your chest' in yellow and tank6 in green.)


cameron is wearing 'and let it in' in peridot and a cardigan by amaryll... but i can't seem to find them. sad!)


nicolet is wearing 'swing open your chest' in black and a turtleneck by pinketamine.)


(swing open your chest.)

(and let it in.)

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