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just you and me.

Hey, I'm still alive!

I've been busy editing photos from a photoshoot we did for the fire department a couple of weeks ago. It's been sort of all-encompassing. And then Liz and my husband urged me to start a tumblr... so I did, and then became somewhat obsessed with design and architecture again. Well, it's not like I ever stopped... but right now, it's all I can think about. Maybe it's also because we got new furniture and I am feeling the need to decorate.


I made more freckles for you! Freckles and eyeliners, because eyeliners are totally my new thing. I am having fun playing with those. And freckles, still my favorite thing to make. (Followed closely by eyes, I think.)


brook is wearing freckles36 and liner1.)


isla is wearing freckles 33 and liner3.)


sindri is wearing freckles30 and liner1.)


elias is wearing freckles28 and liner1.)


gaelle is wearing freckles27 and liner4.)


inoa is wearing freckles31 and liner2.)


(it wouldn't hurt.)

(water on our backs.)

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[personal profile] jesslove 2010-07-21 02:20 am (UTC)(link)
Love these freckles, Jessi! :D

And ooh, Tumblr. I'm addicted to it. ♥ I'm on now, actually. :P
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[personal profile] austin4564 2010-07-21 04:11 am (UTC)(link)
These are great! And I replied to this because I'm obsessed and in love with tumblr too :P

If you wanted to follow me, mine is
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[personal profile] jesslove 2010-07-21 03:57 pm (UTC)(link)
Oh you did? :D What might be your username on there, then?
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[personal profile] sunshine_soda 2010-07-21 06:32 am (UTC)(link)
awww there cute. I am putting them in game now. I can't wait to use them.
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[personal profile] nilou 2010-07-21 08:59 am (UTC)(link)
Yay! More freckles! And more liners!
They look wonderful, I can't wait to try them in game, thank you so much for sharing! :D
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[personal profile] eefje00704 2010-07-21 09:28 am (UTC)(link)
I don't think I'll ever have enough of your freckles <3

[personal profile] ex_non5 2010-07-21 11:17 am (UTC)(link)
tumblr, i'm tempted to make one. i see so many amazing one and i'm like "wooah <3" but i got my beloved blogger! (i have my dw and lj as well but i'm planning on not using them, i wanna delete them but they have so much stuff i want to remember! ahhh!) i'd love to see your tumblr :) only if you want to share that is.

loving the freckles, i'm planning on freckle farming myself this summer!
loving the content <3
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[personal profile] dallasindc 2010-07-24 01:32 am (UTC)(link)
My DL folder is swimming with your stuff. BTW, I'm still coveting those eyes. Is your friend done yet?


[personal profile] ex_pooklet817 2010-11-13 01:53 am (UTC)(link)
This is more than likely a false alarm but I wanted to let you know that my virus software (avast) is blocking your 'water on our backs' download link. I can click the link here but clicking the actual download file on mediafire, it blocks it and throws a scary "MALICIOUS LINK BLOCKED" pop-up at me. D:

[personal profile] eshuff 2011-03-09 06:40 am (UTC)(link)
these are completely and utterly breathtaking gorgeous