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So, I have some more actual content... but I wanted to get these sims posted before I run out of time this month. I am trying to get some work done so that I can earn some extra money for my trip to see my family in October. Yay! I finished up my secret santa gift for GoS today, too... and that was a huge relief, because I've been concerned about having enough time to get that done.

Anyways, I picked a few of the prompts from the sim challenge at GoS, and made 7 sims. I am hoping to do the 15 sims challenge, and thought I'd divide it up into two posts. This group was really fun to make, and they all have such fun personalities... I wanted to play them all more, but I definitely have my favorites already.

Bret Blake was inspired by the prompt 'wild'. An outgoing pleasure sim, Bret is all about having a good time. She loves art and music, and when she's not working at her record store, she's playing drums in her garage.

Inspired by the prompt 'moss', Mire is a nature enthusiast who is somewhat quiet and reserved. She doesn't make friends easily, but prefers her own company anyways.

The word 'sunset' inspired Sanuye Rowtag, a romance sim who loves nature almost as much as he loves women. Sanuye's parents named him for the Miwok word meaning 'red cloud coming with sundown' when he was born with bright red hair - a rarity among his people. His unusual looks attract him a lot of attention from the ladies.

Blaine Kelly, inspired by the word 'xanthic', is a sweet, shy sim. She longs to have a large group of friends, but can't get over her anxiety around people. Her pale skin and fair hair make her very popular with men, but she has a hard time talking with them.

Gibson Irving was inspired by the prompt 'carnaptious'. A selfish pleasure sim, Gibson spends most of his time doing things that make him happy. He doesn't really get along with anyone, and doesn't even like himself most of the time. He is in therapy to try and be less abrasive, but he hates his therapist.

Ella Perkins was inspired by the prompt 'cotton candy'. A very quiet, kind sim with a penchant for sweets, Ella is somewhat on the curvy side. She loves kids, and works as a preschool teacher. Ella is a family sim who is looking forward to raising children of her own someday.

Inspired by the prompt 'arabia', Yaminah Hakim is a fortune sim who enjoys expensive, exotic things. She hates to work, and is currently earning her living offering financial advice online. This is only temporary, however, because she spends most of her time looking for a man to tale care of her.

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Date: 2010-08-11 12:06 am (UTC)
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All of them are pretty, but Bret and Mire are my favourite ones.


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