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I am impressed with my skills. I managed to get all fifteen of the sims done for the GoS challenge. Also, I made some random makeup yesterday... to add to my backlog. That I really, really need to post.

Anyways... sorry I suck. Have some sims to make up for it. Kind of.


Mauja Tod was inspired by the prompt 'fox'. Cunning and mischievous, Mauja spends much of her time thinking of pranks to pull on the few friends who can tolerate her antics. She is somewhat skittish around new people, and prefers to associate with a small group.

(download mauja.)


Inspired by the prompt 'Dorian Gray', Hamilton Abel is a pleasure sim who is really only concerned about himself. Whatever time he doesn't spend in front of the mirror is spent seeking the approval of women. Although he enjoys having women around, Hamilton isn't looking for a long-term relationship. Ever.

(download hamilton.)


Graycen Roux was inspired by the word 'crimson.' She is a very passionate romance sim, who feels each emotion to it's fullest extent. She can be somewhat overwhelming at first, but she's a sweet and caring sim at heart.

(download graycen.)


Indira Lempi was inspired by the prompt 'Venus'. Athletic and strong, Indira can be intimidating to those who don't know her. She loves to play soccer and baseball, and coaches at the local high school. Indira hopes to have a family someday, but doesn't want to give up her life to raise kids just yet.

(download indira.)


Inspired by the word 'epicede', Wednesday Black is a very serious family sim who spends most of her time fretting about her loved ones. It seems like death surrounds her, and she lives in constant fear for the lives of those she loves. Wednesday would love to get married and have children, but is too afraid to lose them someday.

(download wednesday.)


Caster Vallen was inspired by the prompt 'Roman.' Caster comes from old money, and has spent much of his life rebelling against the lifestyle of his parents. He can generally be found busking on street corners or working at his antique store.

(download caster.)


Halwyn Arber was inspired by the word 'chives.' She is a very shy family sim who spends most of her time in the kitchen or in her sewing room. As a self-conscious youth, Halwyn spent a lot of time in the home economics lab at her high school, and her passion for domestic pursuits has led her to live a relatively solitary life. She dreams of having a husband and children, but is seriously lacking in social skills.

(download halwyn.)


Inspired by the prompt 'perfection,' Kamilah Devon is every man's dream. In her work as a model, Kamilah has encountered all kinds of people who have used her for her looks - and she's looking for something more. Sadly, she is very naive, and has a hard time seeing ulterior motives until it's too late. She may be beautiful, but Kamilah is destined for heartbreak.

(download kamilah.)

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Date: 2010-08-21 10:51 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] illustrated
I'm such a lurker and I never comment but I have to after seeing this sims! I love ALL of them but am only taking the guys. My 'hood is much too populated by your girls already ;)


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