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Some of you probably already have some of the content in this post, since I made it about two months ago and have no doubt included it with a number of sims I've posted since then. But I really like it and thought I should go ahead and release the sets. I am really sorry that it's taking me so long to post stuff lately - I need glasses and doing fussy computer work like blog posting is less fun than it used to be. Luckily, I should be getting them soon, and life will be much better.

Here we have two sets of eyeliners, with one classified as blush and the other as liner. The blush liners, 'pass me by', are just normal black lashes that can be layered. The actual eyeliners, 'bitter heart', are brightly colored liners that can be mixed and matched with all kinds of shadows and lashes. Then, I borrowed an alpha from aelia to create 'rest my case', a set of brightly colored eyeshadows.


bastienne is wearing 'pass me by' number ten, 'rest my case' in teal, and 'bitter heart' in pink.)


zephyr is wearing 'pass me by' number four, 'rest my case' in purple, and 'bitter heart' in lilac.)


micaela is wearing 'pass me by' number nine, 'rest my case' in black, and 'bitter heart' in black.)


prosper is wearing 'pass me by' number five, 'rest my case' in green, and 'bitter heart' in yellow.)


effie is wearing 'pass me by' number three, 'rest my case' in brown, and 'bitter heart' in red.)


ivka is wearing 'pass me by' number two, 'rest my case' in blue, and 'bitter heart' in brown.)


(pass me by.)

(rest my case.)

(bitter heart.)
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