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I haven't really had a lot of free time lately, but after having so much fun with the last genetics challenge, I couldn't resist another opportunity to breed out the ugly. So I have a bunch of pixel trade sims available here, with all kinds of interesting faces.

It was really fun to populate my neighborhood with other people's sims! I haven't really done that yet, mostly because I love making sims myself. I am trying to decide what to do with my neighborhood now, since there are lots of sims that I put in that never had the chance to be a part of this challenge.

Anyways, first up... Ugry Ugries, created by the lovely Katu, was super attracted to angelicsims' Elizabeth. And so, I let them breed.

The result was completely shocking, and - I have to admit - somewhat disappointing. Mordecai was completely gorgeous. Where is the challenge here!?! He did have a completely hideous twin sister, so that was comforting. You'll meet her later.

While I do love Mordecai, his nose is somewhat... obtrusive. So I hooked him up with rhiannon_alexis' Mercy. I am completely in love with Mercy, by the way. She is fucking cute.

These two made a beautiful girl named Jet, who grew up to be one of my favorite born-in-game sims ever.

In case that was a fluke and Mercy was just too adorable, I decided to pair up Mordecai with another lady, izza's Dusty.

Not a fluke. Sadie is pretty cute, too.

So, Mordecai's sister, Shyama. I decided to try and play some more, to see how long it would take to breed the ugly out of HER. I paired her up with annapants' Cyclops, who is quite a good-looking guy. I figured if anyone was going to counter Shyama's intense genetics, it would be someone as cute as Cyclops.

They had a son named Vaughn, who sadly inherited most of his looks from his mother.

Vaughn was incredibly attracted to sixamsims' Tillamook, and together they had a gorgeous daughter, Blythe.

I realized that the yellow skin was not geneticized, and got all annoyed with myself and decided to breed Vaughn again, this time with needlecream's beautiful Ariadne. She is absolutely wonderful!

These two had a set of twin girls, who were both very pretty. Ferrah came first, followed by Madelene.

I was very satisfied with the girls I ended up with, but I really loved Mercy's genes... so I decided to try breeding Ugry with Mercy.

Their terrifying son, Ross, was paired with Ariadne, who happened to still be on the lot. Also, she's gorgeous, and I know she makes cute babies.

Damn that mouth. Their daughter, Josefine, inherited her father's fish-mouth-of-doom, and so I relied on good old Cyclops to try and get rid of it.

Success! Tillie was the result of this match-up, and I think she's pretty great. If Jet weren't so... perfect, Tillie would probably be my favorite from this challenge. She is way cuter in-game than she looks in these pictures, though. They really don't do her justice. She's got an adorable heart-shaped face and a pointy little chin. It's awesome!

Some of these sims are wearing unreleased makeup, because that's what I do. Make stuff and forget about it. I'm planning on posting as much as I can over the next couple of days, to try and clean up my desktop.

In other news, I got my glasses (finally!) and can still see my monitor when I'm not six inches away from it! Life is good. I also got my hair cut and colored, and am pleased to have some purple back... even if it is staining the crap out of my hands. I am seriously thinking about picking up some rubber gloves just to style my hair!

Also, I get to see my family soon! We are going to be heading up to South Dakota next weekend, and I am crazy excited. I really can't wait to see all of them.

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Date: 2010-09-24 09:12 pm (UTC)
jesslove: (stock --> bloody --yum)
From: [personal profile] jesslove
Wow what a challenge! I love all the results, but I think Ferrah is my favorite. ♥

Yay for new glasses and pretty hair! :D And wow, SD? You'll actually be close to me! :P


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