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[the dogwood blooms]


Ugh. I have been crazy busy lately. I keep meaning to post this, but I have been so busy with photoshoots and photo editing that I just really haven't had the time. My family puts on a festival over the summer solstice, and I was working at that, and I've been doing grad shoots for a few people, too. I have sure taken some lovely photos, though!

Anyway, that is totally beside the point. These are some way old makeup stuffs from a while back, but I never had the chance to share them. Some of you probably already have either some colors or the full set, if you figured out how to access my mediafire account. I did notice a few downloads on this stuff. Hahaha! If I remembered where it came from, I would be much better about credits, but I really don't. I assume the eyeshadow is ephemera, initially, but with my own alpha. And the lips... probably from Jirka / Glance faces, blended together. No promises, though. Haha!


[ bigger. ]

gay is wearing 'the perfect girls' in coral and 'in fear of you' in cherry. ]


[ bigger. ]

carlene is wearing 'the perfect girls' in sugarplum and 'in fear of you' in watermelon. ]


[ bigger. ]

christian is wearing 'the perfect girls' in oatmeal and 'in fear of you' in apricot. ]


[ bigger. ]

max is wearing 'the perfect girls' in apricot and 'in fear of you' in fig. ]


[ bigger. ]

tabitha is wearing 'the perfect girls' in dusty and 'in fear of you' in frosting. ]


[ bigger. ]

penelope is wearing 'the perfect girls' in sage and 'in fear of you' in blush. ]


[ larger unedited shadows. ]


[ larger unedited lips. ]


[ the perfect girls. ]


[ in fear of you. ]

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[personal profile] curiouscrow 2012-07-01 12:54 am (UTC)(link)
Lovely as always! Thank you!
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[personal profile] drewsims 2012-07-02 12:57 am (UTC)(link)
Lovely! But then again, everything you make is :P<3
Just curious, is it okay to use your sims in legacies?