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[dream in vain]


More old stuff. I only have one more post of old stuff after this, and then several posts worth of new content. I am enjoying creating again very much, even though I'm pretty much limited to makeup / accessories / genetics. And even my genetics suck, because I can't actually geneticize them. Hah!

Anyways, included in this post are some miscellaneous bits. I've got some eyeshadows, lips in both natural and pooklet colors, and some undereye liners with soft lashes, in various colors. If I knew where the textures, etc., came from, I would certainly add that information. Sadly, I do not. I didn't keep very good notes on this stuff because usually, I posted it quite quickly after I made it. Fail, me. So if you recognize any of the original bits I may have used to create this stuff, let me know so that I can add proper credit.

Side note: These have previously been shared over a Garden of Shadows, by request. But I thought I should do a proper post for them, and include the rest of the content that they were packaged up with.


[ bigger. ]

doyle is wearing 'your slyest embrace' in glow, 'just whispering' in fuzz, and 'perform miracles' in flamingo. ]


[ bigger. ]

austen is wearing 'your slyest embrace' in frost, 'just whispering' in ice, and 'perform miracles' in sugarplum. ]


[ bigger. ]

makaio is wearing 'just whispering' in caramel, and 'perform miracles' in conch. ]


[ bigger. ]

brynja is wearing 'your slyest embrace' in hmx, and 'perform miracles' in cotton candy. ]


[ bigger. ]

keir is wearing 'your slyest embrace' in vanilla, 'just whispering' in birch, and 'perform miracles' in flamingo. ]


[ bigger. ]

essa is wearing 'your slyest embrace' in charcoal, and 'perform miracles' in grapefruit. ]


[ larger unedited eye bits. ]


[ larger unedited lips. ]


[ your slyest embrace. ]


[ just whispering. ]


[ perform miracles - pooklet's colors. ]


[ perform miracles - natural colors. ]