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  I know, I'm a tease. I post pictures of some skins and then nothing. But I am still working on the skins, I promise... I just stupidly didn't write down ALL of the steps while I was creating them and I am having some troubles RE-creating them. Ugh. Anyways, I am still planning on doing them, it will just take some experimenting. And I have another set of skins that are being perfected, and then I should have them up soon. Yay!

In the meantime, I got bored with my selection of natural-ish lips, and felt the need to make some more. I've been feeling gross for the last couple of days, so mindless photoshopping was exactly what I needed.

The first set, 'a little bit of skin', is a blend of various lips from some Glance / Jirka skins, with an edit of a mouseyblue alpha. They come in a variety of natural shades using Pooklet's actions.




evan & breda)

 And some unedited close-ups...

Swatches of all the colors:

Next, 'and everyone smiled', is a lip swiped from a Glance / Jirka skin, yet again. I used these lips for a skin that I am working on and loved them, so I felt the need to create some lips from them. They come in two different sets - a Pooklet-ed set, and an Aelia-ed set. The Aelia'd set comes with some extra colors that I created from Aelia's actions to work on darker skin tones.

Unedited close-ups, again...

Pooklet swatches:

Aelia swatches:

(I swear, I had made a 24th color to round out the swatches... but I apparently miscounted. Lame!)

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