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I'm a little bit addicted.

My husband left the sims computer home with me yesterday... and so it sat there, taunting me. I finished up the freckles and just needed a couple more models from him so that I could take my previews and post. And then I remembered that I wanted to make some subtler recolors of the eyeshadows I had posted a while back. And I had already edited the alpha, I just needed to play around with the colors. So I did that, thinking I could just stick those shadows on my freckle models and post it all together. And then I remembered these shadows, that I really like but wanted to play with. So then I did that, too, thinking I could just add them to this post as well. And now I have a giant post with three different downloads. Sorry about that.

Oh! Some of these ladies are my husband's sims... but instead of taking you to his page to download them, I'm just adding their mediafire links. He hasn't uploaded them to his own LJ yet. Except in the first preview diptych, his sim is the one on the right side. In this first one, she's on the left. Oops.


juniper is wearing 'sin slips through' in orange-yellow and freckles20, emmalee is wearing 'sing me home again' in really dark gold and freckles17.)


becker is wearing 'sing me home again' in medium brown and freckles16, ekcho is wearing 'sing me home again' in light grey-brown and freckles15.)


arlys is wearing 'sing me home again' in dark rose and freckles19, susannah is wearing 'sing me home again' in light grey and freckles14.)


cara is wearing 'sin slips through' in white-blue and freckles18, florentine is wearing 'sin slips through' in peach and freckles13.)

You can see them huge and unedited here.

Download the freckles here...

And the eyeshadows...

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