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Okay, so try to follow along. Apparently, I fail at trying to explain what I've done here.

The ever-beautiful Liz (as seen in sim-form in my teaser) asked, when I made these eyeshadows for her, if the top lid was invisible, so the color would just show on the lower eyelid and thus, work with any skin tone. The answer to that was no, because I had given the shadows the asian eyelid, so they could be used on a skin without the asian eyelid, to change the look of the skin. So I started thinking about how I could go about making an undereye shadow that would work with any other eyeshadow, to create a unique look.

I ended up cloning one of these eyeliners by Pooklet, which is classified as a blush and layerable with pretty much anything, except itself. I created an alpha with a base from one of Mouseyblue's newest set of eyeliners, and then made a shitpile of colors.

These are classified as blush and just add a stripe of color along the bottom eyelid. They can be used with any other shadow, as you'll see in my previews. You can also use them with any eyeliner, and get all kinds of different effects. They are so very versatile and delightful!

I hope that makes a little bit of sense, at least.

(Oh. Also, some of these sims - the extra-pretty ones - were made by Liz. They are not available for download, but you'll see them in her upcoming story, Napalm Nine. If she ever gets it finished.)


(ayodele is wearing 'avff' in twilight and '
smha' in dark brown, laurel is wearing 'avff' in electric and 'dow&o-B' in safety fuse.)


(hazel is wearing 'avff' in lilac and '
smha' in really light grey brown, cadi is wearing 'avff' in sunny and 'smha' in dark gold.)


(evelia is wearing 'avff' in twilight and '
smha' in dark rose, liz is wearing 'avff' in pacific and 'sdts' in grey&white.)


(a very fuzzy feeling.)

(alternative download.)

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